For MAX to the MAX!
Help for Max Świerkowski

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For MAX to the MAX!! – help Max Świerkowski

Max Świerkowski is fighting for life. He has to undergo surgery until the end of September, otherwise he will lose his eyesight and his life will be threatened. Only with surgery in the USA and further treatment he has a chance to live and develop properly. The cost of surgeries and the whole treatment is 1.5 million PLN.

Max suffers from an extremely rare genetic disorder – Crouzon syndrome or Pfeiffer syndrome type 3. The defect was not inherited genetically (Max has a healthy twin brother) and its origin for Max is not known.

Our Foundation, collecting funds to save live and health of Max, performs the task imposed by the boy’s parents and the life…

1.5 million PLN is the amount of money that we need to gather for Max, so he can live and return to full health.

the amount collected will be specifically spent on:

  • surgery: Reconstruction of the head with the full medical tests panel (Posterior Cranial Vault Remodeling Surgery)
  • surgery: Tracheoplasty/surgery of the trachea
  • treatment of gastrointestinal system
  • treatment of cornea
  • one-year rehabilitation
  • surgery: Balancing eye muscles (strabismus surgery))
  • cost of transport and accommodation in the United States
  • surgery: The second reconstruction of the head with the ull medical tests panel (Posterior Cranial Vault Remodeling Surgery)
  • surgery: Operation of the middle part of the face – 1 to 3 procedures (midface surgery)
  • rehabilitation
  • cost of transport and accommodation in the United States



Let’s give equal opportunities to Max!

Max, although very little, has already won more battles than many of us throughout life. His struggle began in July 2015 when he and his twin brother Alex were born.

– Our joy at the birth of the boys, however, was overshadowed by a serious illness of Max – the parents of boys recall. After the birth they saw only Alex, Max was immediately placed in intensive care unit – almost not breathing.


The day after the birth Max underwent surgery to unblock posterior nasal apertures so he could breathe, but it was not clear whether he would survive another day

Soon came „the sentence” – Max has an extremely rare genetic disorder – Crouzon syndrome or Pfeiffer syndrome type 3.. The defect was not inherited genetically, and its origins for Max is not known. Parents in no way were able to prevent the son’s disease.

Max defect can be completely cured, but requires the involvement of a team of experienced doctors of different specializations. – We have checked all the best specialists in Poland, consulted Max’s case with doctors of 5 hospitals across the country – the boy’s parents report.


– Total cure of our child requires a lot of surgeries, rehabilitation and huge financial outlay, as it can be realized only in a hospital in Dallas, USA – Max’s parents explain.

Improper treatment can result in inhibition of brain development of Max, the consequence of which is mental retardation, seizures or blindness. When the brain will start to grow faster than the skull – without reconstructive surgery of the head – Max probably will die

Description of the disease

The Crouzon/Pfeiffer syndrome is a congenital disorder concerning abnormal ossification of the skull. This means that Max’s head was not growing properly already during fetal.The result of improper union is deformity of the skull, Max has elongated, narrow head, strong bulging of eyes, which, left untreated, will lead to blindness, undeveloped lower part of the face (e.g. the jaw bone). In a healthy child, skull grows with growing brain. Max’s one or two sutures of the skull overgrow too early, causing abnormal, asymmetric growth of the skull and face. The disease is very advanced, but also completely reversible. So Max has a chance to regain health.

His treatment is, however, extremely difficult and multi-stage. In addition to the defects of the skull, Max has improperly built trachea and digestive system. In the process of treatment the key role is played by an experienced team of doctors (neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, dentist, orthodontist, audiologist, speech therapist, otorhinolaryngologist, a geneticist and pediatrician). In the case of other defects, as it is in Max’s case, a team of doctors can of course enlarge. Doctors should cooperate with each other and with the child’s parents in order to draw the best treatment plan.

Max’s defects are treatable in specialized centers with a dedicated team of doctors in the United States. Treatment will consist of several stages: the first reconstructive surgery of the skull must be held up to 12 months of age; it will protect Max from the risk of cranial pressure on the brain, it will return bulging and endangered eyes to their seat. Max also needs to have an operation of trachea. With these operations Max will be able to grow up like any other child, properly breathing, seeing, hearing and enjoying life.

Due to the multi-stage treatment – Max will spend a lot of time in the hospital, the convalescence will require a lot of work, specialized rehabilitation and determination. However, the reward for this commitment is the highest – health and happiness of a child who is so determined to live and fight, that overcomes all obstacles. Although nobody gave him a chance, Max is still alive and feels much better – waiting for help to be able to begin treatment under the supervision of experienced physicians in the USA.