Who do we help?

Konrad Gaca’s Foundation “why?” aims primarily at bringing hope and help to children with rare genetic disorder. Its purpose is to save the life of the children when treatment is too expensive and the parents cannot afford it.

Plan of the Foundation is also the education and guidance for parents, so that in certain cases they know where to go and z who they should contact. In order not to waste time because time here is always very important!

Very important is cooperation with eminent doctors, but also with parents of children who have already undergone a certain way – their experiences are priceless.

Important will be also education for doctors and to support them with knowledge, how to deal with non-standard situations.

The Foundation has one important goal. I would like it to fund the Social Welfare Department, in which there are “nobody’s children” – lonely and very sick children abandoned by their parents. Holiday, trips, fun. Just a bit of fun and entertainment for those poor babies.

Konrad Gaca

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