Konrad Gaca’s foundation “why?” helps children who require medical attention.

Goals of the Foundation on the basis of its Statute


  • providing widely understood help for children in difficult health or/and life situation
  • social assistance to children in difficult health situation, with particular emphasis on children with rare genetic disorders
  • help for children affected by rare genetic disorders or other diseases
  • children waiting for expensive or difficult medical treatment, including life-saving
  • undertaking and supporting activities related to preventive healthcare
  • protection and promotion of health
  • promotion and organization of volunteer work
  • rescue measures and protection of life


Implementation of tasks related to the goals of the Foundation is carried out by:


  • material and financial support for those in need,
  • advice and support during the preventive healthcare and treatment,
  • organization of competitions, sporting events and recreational activities,
  • organizing a variety of actions aimed at raising funds,
  • conducting auctions, lotteries and public collections in accordance with applicable regulations

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