The Founder

The Founder
Konrad Gaca – an expert on treatment of obesity, nutritional expert, president of the Association for the Prevention of Obesity “Fatkillers”, creator of GACA SYSTEM, he is helping patients from all over the world to return to the correct weight for more than a decade.
The success of the program include hundreds of tons of reduced kilos in thousands of patients who, regaining healthy weight, have gained a great figure, well-being, energy, and often returned to health. Konrad Gaca for more than a year has lead a campaigning on national channel TVP 2: “Diet for breakfast” – currently there is the third edition of the action, moreover, he is the winner of many prestigious awards in the field of nutrition and sports. He is happy to share his knowledge and promote a healthy lifestyle – he is an author of hundreds of publications in the media in Poland and abroad.

Where did the idea of establishing the foundation come from?

Konrad Gaca’s foundation „why?” stems from the need to help sick children and their families. For the founder of the foundation, Konrad Gacy, the mission of helping is also associated with personal experiences of a parent whose child requires specialized care.

When our beloved daughter Emilka was born, my wife and I became the happiest people in the world. Very quickly, however, our great joy was strongly impaired. Why? Because of fear – it is an apt word because it characterizes the situations when a person cannot diagnose a threat. There was only the diagnosis that something is wrong with Emilka’s health and actually the first months we spent in the hospital rather than at home with our baby girl. It was a nightmare! At the same time we were accompanied by great love and faith in the fact that all these diagnoses are untrue and that everything will be fine..

That was the first time when a question … : „why?” appeared. Why must our Emilka suffer, why has it happened to us? These moments really joined us: me and my wife and although there were moments of doubt, we never lost faith that everything will be fine. The worst, however, was that no one could help us, advise in order to diagnoze and solve the problems. Will she see? After all, I had a baby on my hands, and was sure that she saw. Will she hear? I began to search for contacts and check who can help us? And I found … Professor Skarzynski – master of hearing. The best specialist in the world in this field. And his Institute is here in Poland! It was such joy and hope. Professor Prost – eyesight – but I had this contact only due to my dad, because he is his friend from high school.

I very often thought then: “And what about parents who do not have the contacts and knowledge?” That was the second time when the question arose: „why?”. Why is it like that? After all, it is very unfair and painful!

Today, Emilka sees. She can grab from a distance one single hair. Emilka today hears, because she has inserted two cochlear implants. Of course, she works hard and it is not as with healthy children. From month to month, it looks better and better.

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I decided to establish a foundation for the implementation of several specific goals:

  • above all, it is the foundation dedicated to children with rare genetic syndromes
  • it also aims at saving the lives of children when treatment is too expensive and the parents simply cannot afford it

But the ambitious plan of the foundation is also education and guidance for parents, so that in certain cases they know where to go and who they should contact. In order not to waste time because time here is always very important!

Very important is the cooperation with eminent doctors, but also with parents of children who have already undergone a certain way – their experiences are priceless.

Important will be also education for doctors and to support them with knowledge, how to deal with non-standard situations.

The Foundation has one more important goal. I would like it to fund the Social Welfare Department, in which there are “nobody’s children” – lonely and very sick children abandoned by their parents. Holiday, trips, fun. Just a bit of fun and entertainment for those poor babies.Konrad Gaca

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