Terms and regulations




1.1. Konrad Gaca’s foundation “why?” from Warsaw, hereinafter referred to in the Regulation as “Foundation” operates on the basis of the Statute and the entry in the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations and Independent Public Health Care Units of the National Court Register under the number 0000611139.
1.2. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”, provide the basis and objectives of the Foundation, types, sources and methods of assistance provided by the Foundation, as well as obligations related to informing the Foundation by parents/ legal guardians of the ward. Regulations define the rules for the disbursement and use of funds and the rules for disposal of funds deposited on subaccount of the ward within 1%.
1.3. The aim of the Foundation is to help the ward to the extent specified in the Statute, relating to the protection of the health and saving the lives of children in especially difficult health or living situation, by helping children waiting for expensive or difficult medical treatment, including life-saving, organizing and supporting activities relating to the popularization of preventive healthcare, health protection and promotion, promotion and organization of voluntary work, rescue measures and life protection, organizing and financing the purchase of specialized medical equipment and medicines needed to save the life and health of children and the financing of the treatment and rehabilitation of children in Polish or foreign centers and institutions for the implementation of statutory objectives.
1.4. The Foundation collects funds for the purposes specified in point. 1.3. and expends them in accordance with these Regulations ad Statute.
1.5. Collection and disbursement of funds shall be in accordance with applicable provisions, in particular the Act of 6 April 1984 on Foundations, Act of 14 March 2014 on the principles of conducting public collections, the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit activities and volunteer work and the Act of 12 March 2004 on social assistance, as well as the Statute of the Foundation and these Regulations.



2.1. The subject of help is financial support covering spending in the following areas:
a) the treatment and rehabilitation not covered by health insurance;
b) specialized treatment, directly related to saving life and health, including surgery at homeland and abroad, not subject to refund on a general basis;
c) staying at a rehabilitation camp, including staying of one guardian – in the case of children or persons who in the disability certificate has the need for assistance of a third party;
d) purchase of specialized drugs, prostheses, rehabilitation equipment and other materials and sanitary measures that are necessary for life and health to the extent not covered by reimbursement by social security institutions or PFRON.



3.1. The Foundation’s income may come, in particular, from:
a) any increase in assets (including donations, bequests and legacies) made to the Foundation,
b) grants, donations and subventions,
c) income from promotional campaigns, public collections, events organized by the Foundation,
d) income from deposits in banks and capital market institutions,
e) financial operations.
3.2. Funds from public collections, donations of natural and legal persons and other forms of statutory activity of the Foundation designed to help a particular child are in 100% assigned to that ward. The Foundation does not charge any commission.
3.3. All administrative costs are covered by the Foundation.


4.1. Assistance cover children aged 0 to 18 years.
4.2. Assistance is provided to children whose parents/guardians are in an extremely difficult material conditions which do not allow to cover the costs of treatment.
4.3. The desirability of aid must follow the recommendations of the leading doctor.
4.4. Any person may seek to obtain support from the Foundation for a period of 2 years.
4.5. The person seeking the help of the Foundation is required to submit a traditional or e-mail letter containing the following information: the target of collection for the child, a description of the disease along with the course of treatment, medical expenses, the material-living situation of parents / legal guardians of the child, measures gathered by other foundations, contact details: phone, address, e-mail.
4.6. Once the condition set out in point. 4.5. are met and after the preliminary positive decision of the Board, the parents/legal guardians will receive documents from the Foundation, that should be immediately sent to the address of the Foundation:
a) “Statement of parents/legal guardians of candidate for the ward of the Konrad Gaca’s Foundation “why? “from Warsaw” containing contact details of parents/guardians of the child, an accurate description of the problems arising from the child’s illness, living situation related to the disease, permission to use the image of a child for the purpose of the collection;
b) signed “Agreement on providing assistance for wards of the Konrad Gaca’s Foundation “why” from Warsaw”;
c) “Financial Declaration” filled by both parents / legal guardians
(In the case of a parent / legal guardian raising a child alone, only one copy of the information for granted alimony or lack thereof should be filled);
d) a copy of the current certificate of disability;
e) a copy of a medical certificate stating the need for treatment or rehabilitation, and in the case of a request for a grant for the rehabilitation camp- current referral specifying the dates and costs;
f) information on money obtained so far for the specific purpose (own funds, grants from other foundations, etc.).
g) a copy of the refusal or granting of funds from the National Health Fund, PFRON, MOPS or PCPR;
h) a copy of the invoice, pro forma invoice or other valid document indicating the cost of the necessary equipment, services, etc. (in the absence of the abovemetioned documents – other information about the approximate cost).
4.7. Qualification by the Board of an ill child to a group of wards of the Foundation and determining the scope of assistance shall be conducted on the basis of examination of all the documents provided by the parent/guardian.
4.8. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse to offer a ward the assistance, even if the application and documentation of the applicant meet all the conditions set out in the Statute and Regulations. Such a decision does not give rise to direct claims by the parents/guardians.
4.9. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse the financing and co-financing of foreign operations, rehabilitation, purchase of equipment and life-saving drugs beyond the borders of our country, if there is the ability to buy needed equipment or to carry out a similar operation in Poland, of similar quality and standards as the proposed by parents/guardians of the ward to be carried out or buy abroad.
4.10. In certain justified cases not covered by the Regulations of the Foundation, the Board reserves the right to provide assistance according to the revised rules.



5.1. The Foundation acts actively for the ward, acquiring donors, sponsors and other sources of funding.
5.2. The Foundation agrees that the funds collected during the collection on the bank account of a particular public collection assigned to the ward under the title of transfer shall be used entirely and exclusively for the ward.
5.3. In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997, the Foundation shall not share personal information of donors.
5.4. The Foundation does not guarantee assistance in the requested amount of money.
5.5. The Foundation allows running parallel collection by parents/guardians of the ward on their own behalf and their own resources through individual appeal to the intended recipient. All payments resulting from the actions of parents should be directed to the bank account of the Foundation.
5.6. The Foundation also agrees to the collection conducted by the other Foundations, provided that it will be up to date and honestly informed about the results of all these collections.
5.7. Parents/legal guardians before the activities aimed at obtaining funds are obliged to inform the Board of the Foundation.
5.8. Any action aimed at collecting funds, using the name of the Foundation and/or its logo, must be conducted in cooperation with the Foundation.
5.9. At the time of collecting the entire amount needed for the ward, the Foundation shall immediately end collection for the ward.
5.10. If, despite the official end of the collection, there will be further contributions to the ward, they will be divided by decision of the Board among other wards of the Foundation, for the purpose similar to the will of donors.
5.11. At least 7 days prior to the planned by the Foundation transfer of funds for treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, etc. of the child, the parent/guardian is required to provide the Foundation with a statement, which shows in detail the funds collected from additional sources (including own funds, loans, private donations, funds from auctions and events carried out on their own, etc.), and in the event of having the sub-accounts in other foundations – a declaration from the foundations of the current status of the account.
5.12. In the event of concealing of part of the information on the additional financial sources, the Foundation has the right to award a fewer financial assistance appropriate to the actual needs of the ward.
5.13. Bills and invoices, on the basis of which financial assistance is granted, must be issued on the Foundation or on the ward.
5.14. The Foundation reserves the right to pay funds exclusively to a hospital, rehabilitation center, sellers of medical equipment, pharmacies on the basis of an invoice or bill issued to the Foundation or ward.
5.15. The Foundation does not transfer funds to private bank accounts of parents/guardians of the child.
5.16. The funds transferred to the bank account of the Foundation without identifying the addressee are recorded as income of the Foundation and are intended for the statutory activity of the Foundation.
5.17. Assigning a nameless donations to a given ward, for which the funds were to be posted, may take place only after written confirmation by the donor that the payment was intended for a particular ward.
5.18. In the case of payments made with an indication of the person for whom the Foundation does not collect funds, the Foundation will provide these funds for its statutory objectives.
5.19. The decision on making financial operations and the deadline for their implementation for each ward shall be taken by the Foundation’s Board.
5.20. The Foundation is not responsible for the correctness of treatment of the ward.
5.21. In the case of doubt, the Foundation may also require to justify the amount of the expenses incurred – this applies in particular when presented estimate differs significantly from market prices.
5.22. The Foundation is not responsible for liabilities incurred by the parents/guardians of the ward without permission of the Foundation, in violation of existing rules.



6.1. Parents/guardians of the ward are obliged to inform the Board of any change of residence and contact details.
6.2. Parents/guardians are required to maintain constant contact with the Foundation in order to obtain information about the possibility of assistance.
6.3. Parents/guardians are required immediately to inform the Foundation about meeting needs of the ward from other funding.
6.4. Parents/guardians of the child are obliged to inform the Foundation to date on the course of treatment or rehabilitation of the child, who was granted the aid from the Foundation’s own resources or the public collection. Such information should be sent by post or electronically together with at least two photographs documenting the course of the child’s rehabilitation or treatment (including photos of the purchased medical equipment).



7.1. The Foundation has the right to use personal data and the image of a child for the purpose of collecting funds for the benefit of pupils, raising funds to carry out its statutory activities and in order to report the effects of its activities, including public websites and information materials. The use of the image of ward requires the written consent of the parents/legal guardians signed in the “Agreement on providing assistance to wards of Konrad Gaca’s Foundation “why?” from Warsaw”
7.2. In the case of the misuse of Foundation’s funds by the parents/legal guardians of the ward, the Foundation uses legal means to recover them.
7.3. These Regulations are an integral part of the “Agreement on providing assistance to wards of Konrad Gaca’s Foundation “why?” from Warsaw”, concluded between the Management Board of the Foundation and the parents/legal guardians of the ward of the Foundation.
7.4. The parent/legal guardian of the child, applying for assistance of the Foundation, declares that they accept the provisions of these Regulations and shall perform with due diligence obligations under the Regulations.
7.5. Any changes to these Regulations shall be in writing under pain of nullity. Such changes may only be introduced by the Board.



I. Postanowienia ogólne

1. Strona Internetowa www.fundacja.konradgaca.pl jest prowadzona przez Fundacją Konrada Gacy „Dlaczego?” w Warszawie, ul. Młynarska 48, 01-171 Warszawa, wpisaną do Rejestru Stowarzyszeń, Innych Organizacji Społecznych i Zawodowych, Fundacji Oraz Samodzielnych Publicznych Zakładów Opieki Zdrowotnej Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod numerem 0000611139.
2. Niniejszy regulamin, zwany dalej „Regulaminem” określa warunki korzystania z Serwisu dla potrzeb dokonywania darowizn.
3. Zadaniem Serwisu jest wparcie działalności Fundacji dokonywanej za pośrednictwem PayU.

II. Darczyńca

Darczyńcą może być pełnoletnia osoba fizyczna, osoba prawna lub jednostka organizacyjna nieposiadająca osobowości prawnej, dalej nazywana „Darczyńcą”.

III. Termin przekazywania

1. Darowizny można przekazywać 24 godziny na dobę.
2. Fundacja nie odpowiada za przerwy w dostępie do serwisu Fundacji oraz serwisu PayU.

IV. Formy wpłat darowizn na rzecz Fundacji

1. Wpłat darowizn na rzecz Fundacji można dokonać z użyciem jednego z poniższych sposobów płatności. Obsługa płatności online tj. przy użyciu kart płatniczych oraz poprzez przelew elektroniczny realizowana jest przez PayU.
a) przelewy elektroniczne realizowane są w ten sposób, że Darczyńca dokonujący wpłaty darowizny po wyborze banku, z którego chce dokonać płatności, zostaje skierowany do serwisu transakcyjnego banku. Po zalogowaniu się Darczyńca otrzymuje gotowy do zaakceptowania formularz przelewu z odpowiednią kwotą, tytułem przelewu i danymi odbiorcy. Po zaakceptowaniu przelewu, Darczyńca powraca do strony internetowej Fundacji. Płatność może być wykonana za pośrednictwem aktualnie akceptowalnych form płatności przez PayU.
b) karty płatnicze – płatności mogą być realizowane przy pomocy aktualnie obsługiwanych kart przez PayU.
c) wpłaty bezpośrednio na konto bankowe Fundacji ING Bank Śląski, numer rachunku: 75 1050 1953 1000 0090 3090 3588 oraz poszczególne subkonta powstałe dla podopiecznych.
2. Od każdej wpłaty pobierana jest prowizja operatora płatności PayU zgodnie z aktualną taryfą.

V. Przeznaczenie wpłat darowizn

1. Wpłaty darowizny dokonywane za pomocą strony internetowej www.fundacja.konradgaca.pl będą przeznaczane na działalność Fundacji, zgodnie ze statutem Fundacji, a w szczególności na:
a) udzielanie szeroko rozumianej pomocy dzieciom w okolicznościach uzasadnionych ich sytuacją zdrowotną i bytową,
b) pomoc społeczna dzieciom znajdującym się w trudnej sytuacji zdrowotnej, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem dzieci z rzadkimi wadami wrodzonymi,
c) niesienie pomocy dzieciom dotkniętym rzadkimi wadami wrodzonymi lub innymi schorzeniami,
d) niesienie pomocy dzieciom oczekującym na drogie lub trudne zabiegi medyczne, w tym ratujące życie,
e) podejmowanie i wspieranie działań w zakresie upowszechniania profilaktyki zdrowotnej,
f) ochrona i promocja zdrowia,
g) promocja i organizacja wolontariatu,
h) ratownictwo i ochrona życia.
2. Wpłaty darowizn dokonywane za pomocą płatności online na stronie internetowej (www.fundacja.konradgaca.pl) nie podlegają zwrotom.

VI. Polityka bezpieczeństwa danych osobowych

1. Zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych Fundacja zapewnia ochronę wszystkich danych osobowych, jakie zostały pozyskane w wyniku prowadzenia działalności statutowej i realizacji darowizn Darczyńcy na rzecz Fundacji w serwisie www.fundacja.konradgaca.pl.
2. Fundacja zapewnia, iż dane osobowe Darczyńców przetwarzane będą wyłącznie dla celów realizacji wpłaty darowizny oraz (w razie akceptacji Darczyńcy) dla celów działalności statutowej Fundacji.
3. Korzystanie z płatności online jest równoznaczne ze zgodą na przetwarzanie dobrowolnie przekazanych danych osobowych w celu realizacji tej płatności.
4. Administratorem danych jest Fundacja. Administratorem danych w ramach usługi płatności online jest właściciel serwisu PayU.
5. W przypadkach i na zasadach określonych w ustawie z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku o ochronie danych osobowych, Darczyńca ma prawo żądania uzupełnienia, uaktualnienia, sprostowania danych osobowych, czasowego lub stałego wstrzymania ich przetwarzania lub ich usunięcia, jeżeli są one niekompletne, nieaktualne, nieprawdziwe lub zostały zebrane z naruszeniem prawa albo są już zbędne do realizacji celu, dla którego zostały zebrane, a także ma prawo wniesienia pisemnego żądania zaprzestania przetwarzania jego danych osobowych.
6. Fundacja nie będzie przetwarzać ani udostępniać innym podmiotom danych o Darczyńcach i dokonanych przez nich wpłat darowizn bez ich wiedzy i zgody.

VII. Postanowienia końcowe

1. Fundacja zastrzega sobie prawo do jednostronnej zmiany niniejszego regulaminu w każdej chwili z ważnych przyczyn.
2. Nieważność jednego z postanowień regulaminu nie wpływa na ważność pozostałych jego zapisów.
3. Żadne z postanowień niniejszego regulaminu nie ma na celu naruszenia praw Darczyńcy. Nie może być również w ten sposób interpretowane, gdyż w przypadku niezgodności jakiejkolwiek części regulaminu z obowiązującym prawem Fundacja deklaruje bezwzględne podporządkowanie się i stosowanie tego prawa w miejsce zakwestionowanego przepisu regulaminu.
4. Aktualna wersja niniejszego regulaminu jest zawsze dostępna dla Darczyńcy oraz opublikowana na stronie internetowej www.fundacja.konradgaca.pl
5. W sprawach nieuregulowanych niniejszym regulaminem stosuje się odpowiednie powszechnie obowiązujące przepisy prawne. Kwestie sporne rozpatruje sąd właściwy miejscowo i rzeczowo dla siedziby Fundacji.
6. Reklamacje dotyczące funkcjonowania Serwisu, bądź wyżej wymienionych form działalności należy kierować pod adres e-mail: biuro@fundacja.konradgaca.pl Rozpatrywane będą one w terminie 14 dni od przesłania reklamacji na podany powyżej adres.

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